Pens/wires/tickets/grocery lists/cell phones are tucked away in your visorsleeves.
Offered with or without mirror cut out


I love love love my VisorSleeve - I no longer have to search for my glasses and I love that I can hide my garage door opener but still have easy access- I always worry someone will break in my car and use the opener to get in my house! Now out of sight!! 

Nita G - Lacombe, LA

Great product with protection and utility!!

Kim E. - Baton Rouge, LA

Yes, love the Visorsleeve! Very durable and looks great! I bought some for Christmas presents too.

Michele T-River Ridge,La

Wow ! Love my visorsleeves! It keeps me organized in the car and handy to reach for all my things. Don’t have to take my eyes off the road to look for anything now that I got it. 😊

Debra C.

Love Visorsleeve! Gave to my dad for Xmas. Jeannie had a memorial to my mom printed on it for him. He just loves it! Says she’s always looking out for him on the road! Meanwhile he puts his phone and all of his grocery coupons in it for safe keeping! Totally recommend!!!Thanks Jeannie!!!

Andrea N.

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