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What a fabulous turnout and weather for the Arts&Crafts fair in Ponchatoula,La. VisorSleeves and Planter Pops ( my brothers side biz ) Thank You all for supporting All of Us Vendors and truly enjoyed conversing and meeting you All! See you again in the Fall 2020! 

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Great day @ Comiskey Park Today! People are really saying, “ That’s a Product I never knew I NEEDED!” We completely sold out of new Artwork Designs and of course the Black&Gold and Our Tigers 🐯 VisorSleeves!!! What’s in YOUR SLEEVES?”!!!

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Check Out VisorSleeves.com and enjoy 20% off all VisorSleeves with code Black Out! Better hurry cause these sleeves are hand sewn, personally logo’d and especially unique items will take some time to Create! #blackfriday#deals#unique#blackfridaydeals#diy#pets#cats#sports#car accessories  Visit VisorSleeves.com Today!!!

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