My VisorSleeve is the wrong size can I Exchange it?

Yes we are happy to return VisorSleeves that are not the correct size.

Please advise the size before ordering: Small (9inx4in), Medium (10inx6.5in), and Large (11inx8in). The Medium is the most universal fit for most cars.

What is your Refund Policy?

 Refunds are guaranteed to customers not satisfied with their orders but we doubt that will happen!

How long does each product take to produce?

Due to the personalization/customization of sleeves and being that they are hand sewn, Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.

How are sleeves imprinted?

 Most are heat pressed through a local business and through our manufacturer.

 Can you customize the VisorSleeves?

Yes and all are offered in various colors (black, blue, red, grey, beige & pink). Please contact us or upon check out fill out custom form information.

 Can you accept my own artwork to imprint on the Sleeves?

Yes, Please email us your desired artwork/logo or business name.