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Custom Logo Visors

One day I looked up and saw ketchup on the sun visor in my car, again. Gross! I knew it was from the weekend soccer trips with my car full of kids who are always eating on the road. I could deal with their stinky soiled socks – I knew those odors were temporary and would follow them out the car. But I was concerned about permanent stains and smells on the sun visors. I searched for an answer but to no avail….. VisorSleeves were created! Don’t waste time searching for items Needlessly! On average just in USA we spend 2.5 days searching for items and spend on average 3.7 BILLION in replacing lost or misplaced essential items!

Made with an innovative heavy-duty spandex material, VisorSleeves are hand-sewn. They glide over your current car visors to protect them from ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and general daily use and keep Your Driving Essentials RIGHT @ Your Fingertips!!!!! So, the next time you see condiments above your head, simply remove your VisorSleeves and wash them.

VisorSleeves can keep you organized, too! Save time, energy, money all while driving safer and keeping driving essentials secure. They can hold your phone, sunglasses, valet tickets, and more, so you’ll have these items at your fingertips when you need them. If you want your VisorSleeves to feature your monogram, your favorite quote, or a sports logo, you can personalize your design. Make your Everyday drive Easier With VisorSleeves TODAY!

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