Reclaim Your Car’s Cup Holders with VisorSleeves

Are you tired of the cup holders in your car being so full of your stuff that you can’t actually fit cups in there? There’s a better way: use VisorSleeves!

VisorSleeves are your car’s best friend. It’s a car organizer that slides onto your sun visor and provides storage for items like phones, sunglasses, pens, notes, chargers, mail, receipts, valet tickets, and more. It’s perfect for when you need your cup holders open and the ability to drive without distraction. And your items are at your fingertips when you need them!

Made of a durable machine washable Spandex material, VisorSleeves are stretchy and fit a variety of visor sizes. Choose from colors including black or gray. Sleeves come in Small ( 9 in x 4 in ) Medium/Universal (10 in x 6.5 in ) and Large (11 in x 8 in ).

You don’t need another clip to stick into your car vents or another bag to hang off the back of your headrest. VisorSleeves are the simplest, easiest car storage solution to keep your belongings within reach and out of the way at the same time.

Buy yours today to reclaim your cup holders and organize your car instantly!